Frozen Winter Paris Street | Luigi Loir | 19th Century

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This captivating work by the acclaimed Luigi Loir is an exquisite example of 19th Century French Impressionism that illustrates a day drawing to a close under the Parisian winter sky. Loir (1845-1916), known for his atmospheric urban scenes, delivers an oil on board masterpiece with remarkable quality and preservation. This painting eloquently depicts various figures traversing a snow covered boulevard, enveloped in the dimming light of dusk. The artist's signature adorns the lower corner, a testament to authenticity. Housed in a sophisticated ebonised frame, which accentuates the artwork's historical resonance. This piece not only showcases Loir's masterful brushwork and skilful play of light and shadow but also serves as an evocative portal to the past, embodying the silent poetry of Paris as the evening softly falls over its snowy streets.


Measurements: 20.5 x 17.5 inches framed approximately