Tronie Peasant Side Profile Portrait | 17th Century

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This distinguished 17th century oil on canvas is a notable Tronie portrait of a Dutch peasant, attributed to the circle of Jan van de Venne (c.1636-c.1672). The Tronie, a Dutch term for a character or head study, exemplifies the painter's skill in capturing the rustic charm and individuality of a common man. The subject is portrayed in side profile, his features etched with the lines of a hard life and marked by distinctive signs of alopecia, lending a striking realism to the work. The painting stands out for its fine quality and the engaging expressiveness of the peasant, a testament to the genre's emphasis on character over identity. Maintaining good condition through the centuries, it represents a rare and early example of genre painting focused on the peasantry. The work is tastefully presented in an elegant gilt frame, adding a touch of sophistication to the otherwise straightforward depiction.


Measurements: 25 x 20 inches framed approximately