The Forge of Vulcan Venus | Herbert Arnould Olivier | 19th Century

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"Venus and Vulcan in the Forge" by Herbert Arnould Olivier (1861-1952) is an exquisite large scale 19th century classical oil painting that showcases Olivier's deft handling of mythological themes. This work is an impressive representation of the artist's technical skill, with an emphasis on the harmonious interplay of figures and the vibrant depiction of light and shadow that adds a dramatic intensity to the scene. The artwork captures the intimate moment between the goddess of love and the god of the forge, rendered with fine attention to anatomical accuracy and emotional expression. It's plausible that this piece was created with the intention to be displayed at prominent institutions such as the Paris Salon or the Royal Academy, indicating its importance in the artist's oeuvre. The painting is in excellent condition and is housed within an ornate gilt frame, adding to its grandeur.


Measurements: 68 x 53 inches framed approximately