The Faun and the Fairies | Daniel Maclise | 1834

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Size: 11"x14"

"The Faun and the Fairies" by Daniel Maclise, painted circa 1834, is a captivating work that delves into the realm of myth and folklore. This circular composition, also known as a tondo, centers around a faun, a mythological half-human, half-goat creature from Roman mythology, often associated with forests and pastoral environments. The faun is depicted with a mischievous expression, seemingly playing music on a pan flute, a typical attribute of such beings.

Surrounding the central character is an assembly of fairies, portrayed in various states of flight and revelry. These fairies are rendered with a delicate, ethereal quality, and their fluid movement creates a dynamic ring around the faun. The fairies are shown interacting with one another and with the natural elements within the scene, such as flowers and animals, which adds a sense of life and enchantment to the work.

At the very top, amidst swirling clouds, a moon shines down, adding a luminescent quality and suggesting that the scene is set at night, a time traditionally linked with magic and otherworldly occurrences. The overall composition is vibrant and full of motion, evoking the fantastical and whimsical nature of fairy tales and ancient myths. Maclise's painting is a fine example of 19th-century Romantic art, with its focus on the



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