The Death of Icarus | Alexandre Cabanel | 19th Century

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This stately 19th century oil on canvas is a classical depiction of "The Death of Icarus," attributed to Alexandre Cabanel (1823-1889), a luminary in French academic painting. The work exudes the exquisite quality and condition one would expect from Cabanel, capturing the poignant aftermath of Icarus’s fabled fall. The figure of Icarus is rendered with a lifelike pallor, his once daring wings now broken and splayed upon the sand, symbolizing the fatal hubris of his flight too close to the sun. Although unsigned, this piece bears a label verso with an inventory number and presents striking similarities to known works by Cabanel. The painting's significant dimensions, approximately 44 inches by 31.5 inches framed, are contained within a suitably classic frame that enriches the historical and mythological resonance of the scene.

Measurements: 44 x 31.5 inches framed approximately