The Constancy of Frederik Hendrik | Gerard van Honthorst | 1650

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Size: 12"x16"
Frame Style: Black Frame

The painting "The Constancy of Frederik Hendrik" by Gerard van Honthorst, created in 1650, is a grand and allegorical depiction celebrating the virtues of Frederik Hendrik, Prince of Orange. The central figure, Frederik Hendrik, is depicted in elaborate armor, holding a large shield and a sword. His posture is resolute and commanding, signifying his steadfastness and bravery.

Around him, various allegorical figures and elements are present. To the left and right, mythological and symbolic characters, such as Titans or personifications of vice and virtue, are shown in dynamic poses, highlighting the turmoil and challenges he faced. The presence of a skeletal figure in the background may symbolize death or the omnipresence of mortal danger. The use of light and shadow, as well as the detailed rendering of the armour and the figures, showcases van Honthorst's skill in creating dramatic and heroic imagery. The overall composition emphasizes the strength and constancy of Frederik Hendrik amid chaos and adversity.



Created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. Includes an off-white mount that will not discolour or fade with age.

All framed prints feature our premium fine art paper. This is a museum-quality paper which reproduces photography and artworks with exceptional tonality and renders sharp details with consistent flatness and accuracy.


For the matted / mounted prints we use a thick 1.4mm window mount cut from premium, textured mountboard. All mounts are "conservation grade", FSC certified, 100% acid free, and will not discolour or fade with age.

  • Simple, elegant design
  • Premium, fine art paper with a gently textured surface
  • Handmade by specialist picture framers
  • FSC certified off-white mat / window mount
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