The Candlelit Violinist George Percy | Jacomb-Hood | 1914

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This painting titled "The Candlelit Violinist" by George Percy Jacomb-Hood, created around 1914, captures a poignant and atmospheric scene. The artwork depicts a violinist playing passionately by candlelight, surrounded by an attentive audience. The warm, subdued lighting creates an intimate and reflective mood, emphasizing the dedication and emotion of the musician. The background features indistinct figures, suggesting a dimly lit, crowded space, perhaps a small concert or street performance. The artist's use of shadow and light highlights the central figure, drawing the viewer's focus to the violinist's expressive face and hands. The rich, dark tones and detailed rendering showcase Jacomb-Hood's skill in capturing both the physicality and the emotional depth of the moment.

This painting is in excellent condition. Framed, Signed and Dated. 


Measurements: 58" x 47" inches framed approx.