Storm Shipwreck | Bonaventura Peeters | 17th Century

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This expansive 17th century Dutch Old Master oil painting by Bonaventura Peeters presents a dramatic maritime scene of naval and fishing vessels embroiled in a tempestuous storm off a jagged coastline. The piece stands out for its remarkable quality and is a significant and early exemplar of Peeters' oeuvre. Onlookers are depicted on the rocks, anxiously observing as the ships valiantly struggle against the treacherous waters, endeavoring to steer clear of the menacing rocks. Peeters' exceptional ability to convey the tumultuous essence of the stormy sea, the intricate play of light across the clouds, and the dynamic texture of the water demonstrates the artist's mastery and is emblematic of his finest works. The painting, though noted for having a small, easily restorable tear in the upper left corner, is presented in a sumptuous antique gilt frame, which features a plaque bearing the artist's name. Additionally, the verso retains labels providing further insight into the artwork's provenance and authenticity.

Condition: Aside from a minor tear, the canvas remains in excellent condition. Restoration services are available for this minimal damage at a modest cost.

Measurements: 37 x 32.5 inches framed approximately