Shinobazu Pond at Night | Kawase Hasui | 1932

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Size: 12"x8"

"Shinobazu Pond at Night" by Kawase Hasui, created around 1932, is a vivid depiction of a tranquil evening scene. The artwork features Shinobazu Pond, a body of water in Ueno, Tokyo, known for its beauty and serenity. The composition is dominated by dark silhouettes of trees in the foreground, framing the view of the pond and the illuminated cityscape in the background. The reflections of lights on the water create a shimmering effect, enhancing the sense of calmness. Silhouetted figures can be seen enjoying the nocturnal ambiance. The contrast between the natural elements in the foreground and the urban skyline suggests a harmony between nature and the encroaching city life. Hasui's work is often celebrated for its atmospheric quality and the use of color and light to convey mood, which is exemplified in this piece.



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