Russian Ship | 19th Century

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This impressive large scale 19th century oil painting, originating from Russia, captures the grandeur of a solitary ship navigating the tumultuous coastal waters. The canvas, which is signed by the artist, is a testament to the exceptional quality and condition that has been maintained over the years. The artistry displayed within this work exhibits a strong stylistic affinity to the renowned marine paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky, suggesting influence or inspiration from his iconic seascapes. The atmospheric depiction of light and the dynamic representation of the sea’s movement are captured with a masterful use of color and brushwork. Framed thoughtfully, the painting was previously held in a private collection, indicating its valued provenance and the esteem in which it has been kept. This maritime scene is not only a splendid display of nautical artistry but also a cherished piece of cultural heritage.

Provenance: A private collection, Surrey, UK 

Measurements: 21 x 18 inches framed approximately