Power of Death | William Henry Beard | 1889

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Size: 11"x14"
Frame Style: Black Frame

The painting titled "Power of Death" by William Henry Beard, created around 1889, is a dramatic and evocative work that explores themes of mortality and the inevitability of death. The central figure in the painting is a skeletal personification of Death, draped in a white shroud, holding a lifeless tiger. Death's skeletal form and hollow gaze convey a sense of inevitability and the grim reality of mortality.

In the foreground, an elephant lies dead, emphasizing the scope of Death's reach, which extends to all creatures, great and small. The background features a barren, desolate landscape with a stark, leafless tree and a blood-red setting sun, enhancing the painting's sombre mood. Beard's use of chiaroscuro—strong contrasts between light and dark—highlights the figures against the dark background, creating a sense of depth and focusing the viewer's attention on the dramatic interaction between Death and the animals. The composition and subject matter reflect the artist's interest in allegorical and fantastical themes, as well as his skill in rendering both human and animal forms with meticulous detail. "Power of Death" serves as a powerful reminder of the universal and inescapable nature of death, portrayed through a surreal and haunting visual narrative.



Created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. Includes an off-white mount that will not discolour or fade with age.

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