Our Banner In The Sky | Frederic Edwin Church | 1861

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Size: 12"x8"

"Our Banner In The Sky" by Frederic Edwin Church, painted circa 1861, is a striking and patriotic piece of art. This painting captures a vibrant sunset with dramatic red and orange hues streaking across the sky, mimicking the stripes of the American flag. Against the backdrop of a darkening blue sky, the stars begin to shine through, resembling the star field of the flag. A tree stands in the foreground, its broken and leafless branches silhouetted against the sky, forming what appears to be a flagpole against the natural elements. Below, the landscape is cast in shadow, suggesting the onset of evening. This work is an allegory of hope and resilience during the tumultuous times of the American Civil War, using the sublime beauty of nature to echo the national sentiment.



A premium quality heavyweight (200gsm) fine art print material with a smooth, clean finish. This museum quality paper is extremely consistent and works perfectly with large, full colour graphics or illustrations. The matte finish emphasises different highlights and tones in the source artworks; helping to create stunning works of art.

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