New Constellation | Sewell Collins | 1910

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Size: 12"x16"

This painting titled "New Constellation" by Sewell Collins, created around 1910, is a captivating and imaginative depiction of a celestial figure among the stars. The artwork portrays a mystical female figure draped in a translucent gown, adorned with a string of stars resembling a pearl necklace. Her presence is ethereal, as she gracefully floats amidst the cosmos.

The background is a vast expanse of dark space filled with countless stars and celestial bodies. The figure is surrounded by delicate, swirling lines that suggest the paths of planets and orbits, creating a sense of movement and cosmic harmony. A prominent planet with rings, reminiscent of Saturn, is visible to the left, adding to the astronomical theme. Collins' use of soft, shimmering tones and intricate details evokes a dreamlike quality, blending the realms of myth and astronomy. The figure's serene and contemplative expression, combined with the surrounding celestial elements, suggests a personification of the universe or a muse of the stars. This painting, with its fusion of fantasy and science, reflects the early 20th-century fascination with space and the unknown, capturing the beauty and mystery of the night sky in a poetic and visually enchanting manner.



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