Moonrise Over Carbis Bay | Albert Julius Olsson | 19th Century

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"Albert Julius Olsson's 19th century masterpiece, 'Moonrise Over Carbis Bay, Cornwall,' is a compelling nocturne capturing the ethereal tranquillity of a moonlit evening. Olsson, a celebrated British artist (1864–1942), skilfully employs his brush to detail the serene moonrise above Carbis Bay. The canvas resonates with the calmness of the Cornish coastline near St Ives, where the silver glow of the moon casts a shimmering light across the gentle waters. A lone sailing vessel punctuates the distant horizon, enhancing the scene’s contemplative solitude. Olsson’s signature marks the piece, confirming its authenticity and its exceptional provenance, as well as a notable exhibition history. Both the painting and its original gilt foliate composition frame have been meticulously preserved, remaining in immaculate condition. This large scale work measures approximately 37 inches by 32 inches framed and stands as a testament to Olsson’s distinguished position in capturing Britain’s coastal landscapes."


Measurements: 37 x 32 inches framed approximately