Moonlit Glasgow Docks | John Atkinson Grimshaw | 19th Century

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"Moonlit Glasgow Docks" by John Atkinson Grimshaw, created in the 19th century, portrays a serene and atmospheric night scene of the Glasgow docks under the soft illumination of the moon. The moonlight casts a gentle glow over the quiet dockside street, reflecting off the cobblestone pavement and the calm waters of the harbor.

The detailed composition includes figures walking along the street, buildings with illuminated windows, and ships docked in the harbour, all contributing to the tranquil yet bustling ambiance of the docks at night. The painting is framed in an ornate, gilded frame that enhances its historical and artistic significance. Grimshaw's masterful use of light and shadow creates a captivating and moody depiction of this industrial scene.


Measurements: approximately 30.5" x 22.5" inches framed.