Martyr and Crucified, son Helios | Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach | Phone Case

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Model: iPhone 14
Finish: Gloss

Introducing our stunning phone case featuring the evocative painting "Martyr and Crucified, Son Helios" by Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach, created around 1895. This artful accessory showcases Diefenbach's dramatic and symbolic depiction of martyrdom, with Helios, the sun god, portrayed in a moment of intense emotion and sacrifice. The intricate details and powerful imagery are rendered in vibrant colors, ensuring the painting's depth and texture are beautifully preserved.

Made from durable, high-quality materials, this phone case not only offers excellent protection for your device but also serves as a striking piece of art. Its slim design ensures a comfortable grip while maintaining easy access to all buttons and ports. Elevate your phone's aesthetic with this unique and meaningful piece, perfect for art lovers and those who appreciate profound historical artworks.