Les Nymphes | Luis Ricardo Falero | 1878

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Size: A4 Landscape
Frame Style: Black Frame

The painting "Les Nymphes" by Luis Ricardo Falero, created in approximately 1878, depicts a group of nymphs engaging in various activities in a nocturnal, serene landscape. The scene is set by a body of water, illuminated by a subtle light that reflects off the water's surface and highlights the figures. The nymphs are portrayed in different poses: some are standing, others sitting or reclining, and one is playfully perched on another's shoulders. Their interactions suggest a sense of camaraderie and ease within their natural surroundings. The composition is balanced, with the figures arranged in a way that guides the viewer's eye across the canvas. The painter's skill is evident in the rendering of the human form, the play of light on skin, and the overall tranquil atmosphere that is both idyllic and sensuous. Falero's attention to detail and ability to capture the mythical quality of these figures are central to the painting's aesthetic and thematic essence.



Created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. Includes an off-white mount that will not discolour or fade with age.

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For the matted / mounted prints we use a thick 1.4mm window mount cut from premium, textured mountboard. All mounts are "conservation grade", FSC certified, 100% acid free, and will not discolour or fade with age.

  • Simple, elegant design
  • Premium, fine art paper with a gently textured surface
  • Handmade by specialist picture framers
  • FSC certified off-white mat / window mount
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