In The Twilight | Alexandr Victorovich Moravov | 1912

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This substantial 1912 masterpiece of Russian Impressionism, titled "In The Twilight," is a creation of the distinguished artist Alexandr Moravov. Rendered in oil on canvas, the scene is a delicate portrayal of domestic tranquility and familial intimacy, capturing a woman and her mother engrossed in a game of cards. The painting is suffused with the gentle glow of candlelight, which reflects off the richly furnished reception room, creating an ambience of warmth and serenity as the day fades into twilight. Moravov’s use of light and shadow, along with his ability to convey the texture of the luxurious interior, exemplifies the exceptional quality of this work. The painting is in remarkable condition, boasting a provenance of exhibition and is signed by the artist himself. It is displayed within its original, ornate antique frame, which further accentuates the painting's historical and artistic value.

Measurements: 48 x 43 inches framed approximately