Dutch Death of Hero & Leander | David II Teniers | 17th Century

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This oil on canvas, hailing from the 17th century, is a significant work from the studio of David II Teniers (1610-1690). It masterfully depicts the classical narrative of Hero and Leander, a tale of love and tragedy that has been a source of inspiration in art for centuries. The scene is set around the dramatic moment of Leander's death, as he is brought to the shore, and his devoted lover, Hero, in the throes of despair, casts herself into the sea. The work is notable for its excellent quality and fine condition, with the event being captured in exceptional detail—a testament to the artistry typical of Teniers and his contemporaries. The portrayal of emotion and movement within the composition, coupled with the skillful use of color and light, evoke a sense of the tragic and the romantic, characteristic of the period's interest in mythological subjects. This rare early depiction of the myth stands out as a poignant representation of the story's enduring resonance in the arts.


Measurements: 38 x 38 inches framed approximately 

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