Consoler of Monsters | Kazimierz Stabrowski | 1920

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Size: A4 Portrait

"Consoler of Monsters" by Kazimierz Stabrowski, depicts a radiant, ethereal figure, seemingly a benevolent being or an angelic entity, comforting an assortment of creatures that could be described as monstrous or suffering. The beings surrounding the central figure seem to be looking up for solace or guidance. The palette is rich with contrasting colours, with the darkness of the night sky set against the warm glow emanating from the figure. The central character, draped in red, stands out as a beacon of light and hope in a somber environment. It’s a powerful image that could be interpreted as a representation of compassion towards all living beings, regardless of their outward appearance. The year 1920 situates this work in the post-World War I era, which may reflect the broader societal yearning for peace and healing after a period of great turmoil and suffering.



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