A Woman & Lantern At Night | 19th Century

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This painting is a large 19th century European Orientalist portrait that captures a woman at night, illuminated by the light of her lantern. Executed in oil on panel, the artwork showcases the woman dressed in richly detailed, traditional garments, reflecting the Orientalist fascination with Eastern cultures.

The dark, mysterious background highlights the luminous effect of the lantern, casting a warm glow on her face and attire. The composition effectively uses light and shadow to create a dramatic and evocative scene, with the woman appearing almost ethereal as she holds the lantern and a staff, guiding her way through the night. The painting is framed in a classic, dark wooden frame that complements its historical and exotic theme.

This portrait is in excellent quality and condition. The painting is beautifully framed, enhancing its allure.


Measurements: Approximately 32" x 24" inches framed.

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