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Moonlit Smugglers Coast | Guillermo Gómez Mayorga | 20th Century

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A captivating early 20th century oil on canvas by the esteemed artist Guilermo Mayorga, this painting masterfully depicts a clandestine scene of smugglers along a rugged Mexican coastline under the cover of night. The work is a prime example of Mayorga's skill in impressionist nocturnes, where he utilizes subtle gradations of light and shadow to evoke the mystery and tension of the nocturnal activity. The composition’s quality is superb, with the canvas preserved in excellent condition, underscoring the enduring allure of Mayorga's artistry. The painting is signed by the artist, adding a personal touch to this evocative scene. It is elegantly housed in a gilt frame that complements and enhances the rich, dark tones of the night sky and turbulent sea.


Measurements: 22 x 15 inches framed approximately