Waterloo Bridge, London | John Atkinson Grimshaw | 1883

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Size: 16"x12"
Frame Style: Black Frame

"Waterloo Bridge, London" by John Atkinson Grimshaw, painted circa 1883, is a nocturnal cityscape that showcases Grimshaw's signature style of detailed urban scenes illuminated by moonlight or gaslight. In this evocative painting, the viewer is presented with a view of the Thames River at night, under the soft glow of a full moon piercing through a hazy sky. The bridge in the distance is depicted with delicate lighting, highlighting its arches and the faint outline of buildings beyond.

To the right, the dark silhouettes of moored ships and the industrial features of the dockside frame the composition, with their masts and rigging cutting sharply into the night sky. The water reflects the moonlight and the scattered lamps along the bridge, creating a shimmering effect that brings a sense of movement to the otherwise still night. This artwork is a fine example of Grimshaw's skill in rendering atmospheric effects and his ability to capture the interplay between light and darkness, giving the scene a sense of tranquillity and a touch of mystery.



Created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. Includes an off-white mount that will not discolour or fade with age.

All framed prints feature our premium fine art paper. This is a museum-quality paper which reproduces photography and artworks with exceptional tonality and renders sharp details with consistent flatness and accuracy.


For the matted / mounted prints we use a thick 1.4mm window mount cut from premium, textured mountboard. All mounts are "conservation grade", FSC certified, 100% acid free, and will not discolour or fade with age.

  • Simple, elegant design
  • Premium, fine art paper with a gently textured surface
  • Handmade by specialist picture framers
  • FSC certified off-white mat / window mount
  • Delivered ready for hanging